Social media campaign: Boiler Weather Personas

A series of illustrations representing various boiler weather personas used as part of a Social Media campaign for Boiler Guide

As summer comes to an end people start to turn their boilers, so Boiler Guide planned a social media campaign to show the types of personas for people and how they control their boilers.

The brief was for a series of images that when shared on Social Media would grab peoples attention. So with this in mind I decided bright, block colour illustrations would be best and took the opportunity to practice my retro 50’s/60’s style of illustration.

The personas required were:

  • The Thermostat Police (normally Dads) – Know when somebody has turned the thermostat up without asking for permission.
  • The ‘Add a Sneaky Degree’ Person – Turns up the thermostat ever so slightly when nobody’s looking.
  • The ‘It’s Not Cold Enough to put the Heating On’ Person – Will happily wear several jumpers (and encourage everyone else to do the same) before they’ll put the heating back on.
  • The ‘Summer All Year Long’ Person – Doesn’t hesitate to get the heating back on full blast. Wears shorts and T-shirt around the house as if they’re on holiday while it’s cold outside.
  • The ‘In Control Everywhere’ Person – Has a smart thermostat and controls it from their phone even when they’re not in the house.

The results