Why I appear to be hating on Nokia for the Lumia 1020

I’ve retyped the start of this post so many times now its ridiculous! Every time I read it back, it sounds like I’m hating on Nokia and giving Android fan boys fuel to fan some more flames (not that anyone actually reads any of this lol).

The fact of the matter is, I’ve been very verbal on Twitter about my annoyance and disappointment in Nokia with regards to the Nokia Lumia 1020 and its eventual release into the UK & European markets, however please don’t mistake that for any kind of hate towards the company; they still (in my humble opinion) make the finest smartphone hardware in the world, which is married to the most perfect mobile OS on the market today (Windows Phone).

As and when the Lumia 1020 is released in the UK, my contract is up and I’m due an upgrade, so I shall be making the easy switch to the Lumia 1020 and there is my point…

“As and when”


I’m a devoted Windows Phone & Lumia fan and I want both the platform (Windows Phone) and the companies (Nokia/Microsoft) to succeed. I understand that in order for that to happen, they have to invest in larger markets than the UK. They need a real presence in the US and to the same extent, they need a real presence in China, but what I don’t understand is why that has to be at the expense of the markets that have got them to where they are already?

I’m also not pinning all the blame on Nokia as its also up to the carriers to announce new devices and their release dates, but even though Nokia don’t have the same klout as say Apple or Samsung, they should still be pushing the carriers to get the message out about a device like the Lumia 1020.

Whilst badgering Nokia & some other carriers/distributers, all I seem to get is the generic response of “we don’t know” or “go to this page and register for updates”. Do you know what that makes me want to do? It makes me want to bitch & moan on twitter, slate a company I normally respect and more importantly begin to wonder whether an iPhone 5S with iOS7 might be a better idea for my next phone.

Do you know what would stop this? A date.

One single release date would turn things all around. Over the last month, I’ve begun to connect with various other fans over twitter who are all feeling the same as me and are saying the same sort of things on twitter. I’d be almost willing to bet on what would happen should Nokia give us a date for the Lumia 1020. All of our “disappointed in Nokia” tweets would turn into one great big social media countdown.

I’m sure some marketing geniuses somewhere would argue that even negative coverage of Nokia over the Lumia 1020 European launch is still good coverage as it helps to build an air of anticipation, but I fail to see it to be honest; especially for a company, who was once one of the largest and most trusted supplier of mobile devices in the world, trying to regain the trust and respect of todays buyers.

My only thin grasp of all hope is that Nokia is actually planning to spring a major European announcement at its rumoured September announcement/conference and make all of us naysayers smack our heads whilst jovially remarking about how could we of ever doubted Nokia at all. However I live in the real world so will discount this hope to the realms of fantastical dreaming as its more likely that we’ll be treated to a Nokia Windows 8 Tablet announcement and maybe even talk of the fabled Nokia Phablet.

Should anyone ever actually read this (highly doubt it) I hope I’ve been able to convey that although I’m disappointed in Nokia, I still love the company and its devices and wish them all the success in the world. I am a fan and (hopefully) always will be a fan…

…especially should I ever get the chance to own a Lumia 1020.


As @psychomania666 more than likely points out:

Althought the device being “pointless” is a matter of personal definition (one which I don’t share. All though the 925 does seem a bit like an experiment for Nokia to see if their consumers want a Lumia device with an iPhone like finish)