’31 Weeks of Windows Phone Metro Design’ Series

As people will begin to realise, I love WindowsPhone! For me it’s just the most well thought out and attractive phone UI around and as such, I’m really into the Metro UI and it’s design philosophy.

Thankfully then, the guys over at ux.artu.tv are currently running a 31 Weeks of Windows Phone Metro Design Series that anyone interested in Metro UI should really check out.

We usually refer to “Metro” as the UI design style Microsoft is using in their platform and the one Microsoft is exposing for developers and designers to create apps for Windows Phone (I’m focusing on Windows Phone in this series). But let’s delve a bit deeper into the term “Metro” and explore what it really means.

It’s a great series so far and is really getting at the heart of what Metro UI is. I shall continue to follow this one eagerly and I urge other WindowsPhone/Metro UI fans to do the same.

Go here and take a look: ux.artu.tv